Branch Diary / Forthcoming Socials

Events Schedule for 2019...
* NEW * This shows all planned events for the rest of 2018 and all of 2019 : East Hampshire branch trips 2019 - see below for details of the next event(s).

* UPDATES * There are TWO errors in the schedule...
- the GBG Selection meeting is now on TUESDAY 12th February (not Thursday 14th as shown).
- the £8 charge for bus trips is the MAXIMUM that would be charged (not the minimum as shown).

** Keep an eye on this page for updates to scheduled trips ** - we have a limited number of emails that can be sent via the 'Comms Tool', so any short-notice changes to trips on this page will be shown here.

For how to book minibus places/general information...see bottom of page.

** Next event(s) **

  • Next bus trip to local/outlying villages (GBG pubs) Saturday 26 January 2019 11:30 Community Centre

    ** NOTE: CAMRA members only, sorry **

    There will be a CAMRA East Hampshire bus trip to outlying villages on SATURDAY 26 JANUARY, to visit the pubs in the local villages that are PROPOSED for entry into the next edition of the Good Beer guide (GBG).

    An email will be sent out to branch members nearer the time detailing pubs to be visited.
    [They are not listed here so that publicans are not pre-warned about (and cannot prepare for) our visit.]

    Meet at the Community Centre at 11:30 for 11:45 departure - back in Alton between 16:00 and 18:00.

    We will be subsidising most of the cost of the trip, but we will still need to cover the cost of the minibus, so a smaller than normal charge will be made on the day.

    NOTE : If we don't get around 9 people (excluding driver), we might have to cancel the bus, as it won't be economically viable - so PLEASE REPLY TO THE EMAIL WHICH WILL BE SENT OUT LATER, BY THE TIME SPECIFIED IN THE EMAIL. If I hear nothing, I will assume you will not be attending.

    In the case of having to cancel the bus, those of us who do turn up will probably go via private car(s).

How to book minibus places/general information...
To book minibus places, simply reply to the email from the 'Comms Tool' that will be sent out nearer the time, or you can contact Mik Potter (see 'Contacts')...
- Thursday minibus trips depart at 19.30 (please arrive 19.15).
- Saturday minibus trips depart at 11.45 (please arrive 11.30) - there will be a lunch stop at one of the pubs visited.
Additional pick up / set down can be made on request / if suitable (i.e. on the route).
A maximum subscription of at least £8.00 per head is requested for bus trips in order to defray costs; will be less if more than 5 (9 on Saturday) passengers.