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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Chairman's Corner

Selecting nominations for GBG

(Created 13 July 2018)
The purpose of this short article is to inform the reader how CAMRA East Hampshire selects establishments for the GBG.
A number of criteria are used by the committee during the selection process including:
1. Using National Beer Scoring Scheme (NBSS) as baseline reference
2. Nominations from CAMRA members
3. Observations and feedback during official walkabouts, minibus trips, or other visits to any establishment serving real ale.
The NBSS is a national database for CAMRA members to score the quality of beer in pubs and clubs they have visited on a scale of 0-5 (from 0 =poor/no beer available, to 3 = good, to 5 = exceptional).
The database provides average scores as well as the number of scorers, dates of scores and the identity of the member. We use this information for guidance to help us draw up a "long list" of potential nominations against our own information and findings.
As mentioned above, the score "3" relates to "good" and we often draw the line here, but often because of the generally high quality of real ale in this branch, we may only select those with a higher threshold at times.
For our final cut, we then select our "top 8 plus 4 reserves" for inclusion in the next GBG (as we are only allowed 8 entries for our Branch).

Sharing NBSS scores with Licensees

(Created December 2017)
You may have seen the following memo from CAMRA HQ about sharing (or not) beer scores with Licensees.
Although CAMRA seems to approve of this, we in East Hampshire branch do NOT share our scores with Licensees as a matter of policy, and this is a reminder that our members should not do so.
The CAMRA memo is here... Sharing NBSS scores with Licensees