Worts and Ale revisited

"Worts & Ale" - this is our quarterly branch newsletter, and you might have seen it in your local pub.

The latest 4 copies of "Worts and Ale" (1 year's worth) are available here, and can be downloaded as required.
[If you require older copies, contact Mik Potter for an electronic version, or Paul Hawley for a hard copy (see "Contacts").]

Where space sometimes restricts the length of articles and inclusion of photos, we have added a "Director's Cut" just underneath the relevant PDF download.

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When available, Worts and Ale 32 (Winter 2018) will be added here.

Worts and Ale 31 (Autumn 2018).

Worts and Ale 30 (Summer 2018)

Worts and Ale 29 (Spring 2018)

Worts and Ale 28 (Winter 2017)