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The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) campaigns for real ale, real pubs and consumer rights.
They are an independent, voluntary organisation with over 100,000 members and have been described as the most successful consumer group in Europe.
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Protect and improve consumer rights
Promote quality, choice and value for money
Support the public house as a focus of community life
Campaign for greater appreciation of traditional beers, ciders and perrys as part of our national heritage and culture, and,
Seek improvements in all licensed premises and throughout the brewing industry.

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Beer Duty cut by 1p for second year running

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A Short Review of 2013

It’s been and up and down year and I think worth reflection.

On the up side, the success of the campaign against the Beer Duty Escalator must be mentioned. It just goes to show that petitions do work and the efforts of all involved is to be applauded. That said. The Duty Escalator still applies to cider producers so there is still work to do. It was also good to see ‘normal service’ resuming in a number of pubs after recent patchy performance and, quiet frankly, bad management decisions. Our friends at Alton Beer Festivals have continued to provide the goods and support the CAMRA cause - thanks. And there have been a number of pub beer festivals although publicity could have been better (we can help). Thanks also to Tindle Newspapers Group for continuing to support CAMRA East Hampshire throughout the year – it is most appreciated.

But the down has been really down. A number of pubs remain closed with uncertain futures (e.g. both at Ropley, Gentleman Jim in Alton) and some have, or will be soon, transformed into shop/flats (e.g Railway Hotel in Alton). Of particular note was the loss of the historic Barley Mow not helped by the apathy of the local community and lack of challenge by the authorities. Next year it will be a private home again but maybe one day they will invite the public into their lounge for a beer…?

So there is much to do. CAMRA East Hampshire urges all publicans to identify their CAMRA members and challenge them on how they are going to support the Campaign in 2014.See www.camra.org for ideas.

Best wishes for 2014,

Dave Tootell
Updated Jan 23 2014

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